The Total Lover With FOM Training – Master Female Sexuality

The Total Lover With FOM Training – Master Female Sexuality


“Discover The Best Techniques To Give Your Woman Amazing And Incredible Orgasms That Will Bring Her To Ecstasy…”

“Sex Expert Reveals His Proven Guide To Give Your Woman G-Spot Orgasms With Ejaculation And How To Drive Her Wild”

Hi there,

This is Charlie and I teach men how to give g-spot orgasms with ejaculation to any woman in the world.
I help men become the best lovers they can be. I will teach you the right techniques and the right mind-set to give your woman mind blowing orgasms that will make her convulse in wild pleasure.

This information will give you an “Aha!” moment…believe me…

… Because I am not talking about the regular almost imperceptible orgasm that most women have. I am talking about the real full body shaking vaginal orgasms that are so deep and intense, that she will not be able to walk afterwards.

Just keep reading…

Is Your Woman Faithful To You?

Did you know that the main reason women are unfaithful is that they are not satisfied in bed?

The fact is that a shocking 68% of women have never had a vaginal orgasm while having sex with penetration. Most woman will just have clitoris orgasms during their whole life and will never experience a full body orgasm.


This is a very sad statistic that most men are not aware of, and they keep living a very boring and monotonous sexual life. Not only that, the worst part is that they think their wife is happy and sexually satisfied.

And I don’t want to freak you out, but if she is not sexually satisfied, she could be cheating on you already.

Do You Think You Are A Good Lover?

I have met many men in my life with whom I have spoken about sex, and I have not met a single one that doesn’t have the desire to be considered a great lover by women.


To feel like a stud in bed makes men feel good, it makes men feel like a real man. The fact is that most men subconsciously believe that they are good in bed, and that their women are satisfied in bed with them.

This is a big mistake many men do.

Women are naturally very smart, and they know how important it is for men to feel like a great lover, and that they are completely sexually satisfied

That’s why A WOMAN WILL NEVER TELL YOU ARE A BAD AND LOUSY LOVER. She knows that saying that will destroy any man, and will make him feel very insecure.

The problem is that she will not tell you to avoid making you feel bad, but believe me, she will satisfy her sexual needs somewhere else, and most likely she will cheat on you.

Your whole relationship may be in danger of falling apart at this very moment…But don’t worry, you are not the only man in this situation.

I was in that same situation myself, and I was very fortunate to meet a girl several years ago that completely changed my sexual life…and my whole life really.

How I Discovered Female Ejaculation

This story happened several years ago now, and it turned to be a very “nice surprise” that changed my sexual life forever.

I was dating different girls at that time, and I met a very attractive girl that caught my attention. We had a couple of dates, where we talked about many things…and of course…a lot about sex.

She was very sexual, and she was incredibly open about it. She talked to me about her previous lovers, her previous sexual experiences, and her sexual fantasies.

This conversation got me very interested…and very horny to be honest.

On the third date the mutual attraction was very high, and I knew we would have sex that night. Later that evening we started to kiss and make out.

She was amazing, but she suddenly stopped me for a minute and warned me about something…

She said: “I have to tell you that I am a multi-orgasmic girl, and when I have an orgasm, a lot of liquid comes out of my pussy, so don’t be scared or worry about it. It’s normal for me”.

Honestly, I did not pay much attention to what she said, I was really horny at this time and I just wanted to do it…

At one point during sex she sat on top of me and started to move very rapidly and…WOW!

Suddenly, a hot and incredibly huge amount of liquid comes out of her pussy like a fountain that soaked me and the bed completely!

She screamed and shook like crazy and I was in shock…I really did not expect this. She came 3 times more like that afterwards in different positions, one after the other…

I was totally exhausted and completely fascinated by the experience.

I had never seen something like this before in my life, and I did not do anything different that I normally did, so I needed a deeper explanation to what I had just witnessed and experienced.

So she talked to me about the squirting orgasms and female ejaculation.

She told me how she managed to be able to have squirting orgasms playing with herself by touching a special spot inside her pussy. I had no clue about this spot, and it really caught my attention. It totally ignited my curiosity to know more.

I started to look for more information about “female ejaculation” in the internet, and I stumbled into some videos and information about the G-SPOT with the techniques on how to stimulate it.

I was very fortunate to run into several video courses that taught me all I know today about squirting orgasms.

Of course, I put these techniques into practice with that same girl for several months, and those months really changed my sex life completely.

I discovered a new sexual world…I was totally amazed to see how this girl would have orgasm after orgasm, and a fountain of ejaculation liquid would come out each time, soaking the bed completely.

It is something incredible to watch, believe me. . .

Some of these tutorials were good and some not so good, but I became an expert lover after watching some of these video courses, where I learned everything about female orgasms and the female body and mind.

I was so far away from my true sexual potential…and the worst part, I did not know it!

Still Don’t Believe Female Ejaculation Real ? Watch This Video On How Women Ejaculate And How It Works…


Things Started To Get Out Of Hand…

As you can imagine I had to share this knowledge and these experiences with my friends.

Like me, they had no clue about these types of orgasms and they were amazed by the stories I was telling them.

Most of them started to use the techniques with their girlfriends, and they were all going crazy. Every time we met or partied, they were all saying how their relationships had changed.

I had even girls come up to me thanking me for teaching these techniques to their boyfriend.

My friends insisted that I should write a book about it and earn money with this information, because it was so good it would change people’s lives.

I did not listen to them at the beginning, but as time went on, I started to be somewhat famous among my circle as the “Squirting Master”.

One day I was explaining the techniques to a group of friends of a friend of mine, and suddenly it all sunk in.

I was teaching this knowledge to all these people I did not know, and I felt that I had to go further. My friends and every person I spoke to were begging me write a book, and share everything I knew with them.

People Are Desperate To Know More About Sex…

During this whole process I realized that most men have no clue about sexual techniques. I was one of them before as well.

Men don’t receive any real education about sexuality and female orgasm techniques, so this information is very valuable for all men.

Sex is one of the most important aspects about our lives…and we don’t receive any specific education on how to do it right!

I realized that people were looking after me locally to receive this knowledge, so I understood that there was a real need for these techniques to be shared worldwide.

I understood that every men should know these secrets, and that I should start teaching these techniques to every man that wants to become a better lover.

I Made The Right Decision…

The pressure was on me, as I was faced with a situation where I had to make a decision.

Should I create a product to teach men how to give amazing orgasms to any woman?

Or should I leave it and keep on going with my life?

Creating a product would take a lot of time, lots of additional research, and public exposure that I had never had.

I was a bit scared at the beginning, but it would have been very selfish from my side to keep all these secrets to myself.

I was obliged to share them with the world and help men give wild orgasms to their women…

And I Decided To Create The Best Video Course About Female Orgasms And Sexuality That You can Find Anywhere

“THE TOTAL LOVER with FOM Training”

The techniques and information I share with you in these videos has been proven to work by thousands of men around the globe.

In these videos I will show you exactly how to bring a woman to any type of orgasm with rock- solid techniques that many men and couples have already put into practice

This Is What You Will Find In My Course



1. Introduction

2. Mind And Sex Mastery

3. Sexual Female Anatomy Mastery

4. Different Types Of Female Orgasms

5. Clitoris Stimulation Mastery

6. Oral Sex Techniques Mastery

7. G-Spot Stimulation Techniques Mastery

8. Female Ejaculation Fundamentals

9. Deep-Spot Stimulation Mastery

10. Master The Kegel Exerecises

11. Trouble Solving Mastery

12. Conclusions

F.A.Q. About The Course

Many people ask me about THE TOTAL LOVER – FOM Training Course and these are some of the most common questions I receive:

1. Are the models nude?

Absolutely not. I use a rubber model to illustrate the techniques and the anatomy. This is not an explicit course and you can watch it with your girlfriend or wife without making her feel uncomfortable.

2. How long are the videos?

Each video has a different length, and non is over 30 minutes. The whole course is over 300 minutes of pure golf information.

3. What orgasm techniques will I learn in this course?

In this course you will learn all the female orgasm techniques that exist.

You will learn very special techniques on how to masturbate a woman on her clitoris.

You will learn basic and advanced g-spot stimulation techniques

You will learn how to give oral sex the correct way, not like what you find and see in porn movies.

You will learn how to stimulate the A-Spot or deep- Spot.

And you will also learn everything about female anatomy and how the female mind works in sex.

Plus you will access the bonus videos with incredible tips on sex positions, fantasies, and how to do anal sex correctly.

4. How do I access the course after payment?

It’s very simple. You will receive a link to our exclusive member’s area. You can create your own password and you will be able to access the course anytime 24/7 forever. Any updates or new videos are free for you.

5. What happens if I don’t like this course?

I give my personal and rock solid money back guarantee. You can buy the course and try it for 60 days. If the techniques and information you find is not for you, I will reimburse the money automatically no questions asked. This is my personal guarantee as it is my reputation on the line here.

6. Why should I buy this course?

Because all the techniques shown in this course have been proven to work by thousands of men around the world. In just one course you will access the most revolutionary and best female orgasm techniques you will not find elsewhere.

How Much Is A Sex Revolution Worth For You?

How Much Are You Willing To Spend To Change Your Sex Life Today

I have given a lot of thought to how much should I charge for this course. The knowledge I will share with you in this program is very difficult to value. How do you set a Price for it?

It is not only the PROVEN FEMALE ORGASM TECHNIQUES that I will share with you. They will help you give your woman the most amazing orgasms she has ever had.This course also contains a lifetime experience and knowledge that you will not find in books or other courses.

I really have had a hard time giving value to all the time I have spent creating this course and the knowledge I will share with you. My initial thought was to charge $147 for the whole course, but then I thought that maybe this would not be suitable for every person.

And the reason to create this course is to truly help men become the best lovers they can be. I honestly believe that every men has the right to know these techniques. I also truly believe that every woman deserves to have the most amazing orgasms she has ever had.

So I decided to change the price to something that every person that is serious about becoming the best lover could be able to afford.

You can get the course for only $67 for a limited time only.

I will raise the price shortly, so take action today and change your sex life now. This is an amazing offer.

So Take Action Today! GET IT HERE >>

But There Is Even More…Access The Female Orgasm Mastery Course Today…

And Get These 4 BONUS VIDEOS Completely FREE

mprove Your Sexual Relationships
mprove Your Sexual Relationships

In this video I will give you insider tips on how to improve your sexual relationships avoiding routine and other relationship killers

Erotic Fantasies & Persuasion
Erotic Fantasies & Persuasion

In this video I will share with you many of the best sexual fantasies that will make your sex life much more fun and adventurous.I will also teach you how to talk dirty to your woman.

Introduction & Guide To Anal Sex
Introduction & Guide To Anal Sex

In this video l I will show you how to prepare her physically and mentally to have anal sex, the techniques to do it, and I will show you the best positions to practice it.

Best Sex Positions For Orgasms
Best Sex Positions For Orgasms

This video will show you the positions that really work, that any person can do, and that will stimulate the right spots in her vagina to give her amazing vaginal orgasms


12 MODULES TOTAL LOVER – FOM Training COURSE – Valued in $147






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And Access These Amazing Videos

For Only $67


It’s Time To Change Your Sex Life. It’s Time To Take Action Now!


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