How to Prick Finger Tips with a Lancet Device for Checking a Blood Sugar | Nursing Skills

This video demonstrates how to prick your fingers (finger-tips) for obtaining a blood sample for checking your blood sugar when using a lancet device. source

Natural Way to Lower Fasting Blood Sugar

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Fasting Plasma Glucose and Risk of Stroke in Men.

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Blood Sugar Rises While Fasting! / A1c Slashed from 13 to 5.4 in four months!!

In this video Dennis shares comments by “Beat Diabetes” viewers, including a person who cut their A1c from 13 to 5.4 in under four months. Also included is a ……

Testing Fasting Blood Sugar Levels, Why Is It Important?

Dr. Hilkovitz shares why it is important to test fasting blood sugar levels. For more information on diabetes visit source

Glucose Fasting Blood Test | 1mg

What is Glucose Fasting Blood Test? The glucose fasting blood test is done to measure glucose levels in the blood after a period of fasting. It is done to detect…

Can a Diabetic Get Fasting Glucose in the 70's/80's?

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4 Keys to LOWER FASTING GLUCOSE – How to reduce blood sugar in the morning.

The fasting blood sugar test is a standard tests nearly all diabetics give themselves. And it can be so frustrating when the number on the meter is far higher than…

Ppbs നെ കാൾ Fasting Blood Sugar കുടിയിരിക്കുന്ന അവസ്ഥ എങ്ങിനെയാണ് | Malayalam Health Tips

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