Kinds of Spiritual Beings: With Dr. Tim Mackie

Kinds of Spiritual Beings: With Dr. Tim Mackie. Donate (Paypal) source

TOP 10 Spiritual Practices And Tools For Inner-Transformation! [You Can Do It!]

Learn the top 10 spiritual practices and tools that I use for self-healing and inner-transformation, including one that is a bit controversial. [timestamp below] … source

Seven Types of Spiritual People

This lecture discusses seven very different types of people and how they see and experience spirituality and religion. source

The Believing Brain: Evolution, Neuroscience, and the Spiritual Instinct

God, they say, is in the details. But could God also be in our frontal lobes? Every culture from the dawn of humankind has imagined planes of existence beyond ……

The Two Types of Spirituality – Breadth and Depth

In my videos I talk about a variety of spiritual practices. Most of them fall in one of two categories that I call breadth and depth spirituality. Breadth spirituality is…

A scientific defense of spiritual & religious faith | Tony Jack | TEDxCLE

Dr. Tony Jack explores the question of whether or not a Scientist can be religious in his 2015 TEDxCLE talk. Anthony Jack has a BA in Psychology and … source

5 Kinds of Spiritual Experiences – Swedenborg and Life

The spiritual world is all around us, but what states of consciousness can we be in to have awareness of it? Can we glean any insight for our own experience…

The 6 Life-Changing Stages Of Spiritual Awakening [Which One ARE YOU In?]

Discover the 6 life-changing stages of spiritual awakening and learn 3 simple but proven strategies to help you work through each stage, even the harder ones. source

3 Types of Spiritual Beings – How to Discern “False Light” Beings

Don’t be tricked! Learn the 3 Types of higher spiritual beings and which beings you need to avoid! If you like this video… Please like and comment, and then ……

The Different Types of Spiritual Healers

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