My First IRONMAN 70.3, Week 6 – Triathlon Training Gear

We are six weeks into this half ironman preparation series and I’m four weeks into my actual training for the race. We have talked a lot about training so far but I believe it’s time to take a little break from talking about how my training goes because, honestly, everything is fine, it all goes according to the plan, nothing interesting is happening right now. I’m slowly increasing mileage week by week and trying to keep the intensity down for now. I did three swims, three bikes, three runs, 2 strength trainings, some yoga and stretching last week. In other words I’m following my plan to the letter. So I think now it’s time we talk about the gear and equipment I use instead. There are some essentials or “must-have-items” everyone should own and use when training for any triathlon regardless of the distance and there are some things that are nice-to-have but not really essential for your training. So let’s see what you need for the swim bike and the run!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a coach or a qualified professional trainer by any means, so I’m not trying to tell you what to do and how to train, I’m simply just sharing my thoughts and experience with you guys and I learn a lot in the meantime while doing research and experiment on myself…

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