My First IRONMAN 70.3, Week 11 – Strength & Swimming

I’m ten weeks out from my first half IRONMAN race and it’s been two weeks I’m struggling with this IT-band and knee problem. I’m still not running. Well I actually did a slow four K run on Sunday to see if the pain was gone and three K in I stopped, did some stretching and tried to loosen up the hips so I could jump back on the treadmill but after another one K I decided to stop as I didn’t want the knee to flare up again. It wasn’t as bad as the week before and its definitely not hundred percent okay yet but I can see signs of improvement. So I’m not there yet but I’m still patient. Let’s give it a bit more time and some more specifically targeted strength training and stretching and see where it does take me.
To be honest with you I’m surprised at how easy I’ve been on myself about this whole injury thing. In the past I would have stopped training and started to feel sorry for myself. But not anymore. I decided to be patient and smart and try to keep going forward and see if I can overcome this obstacle. I guess a little bit of luck was on my side this time as gyms and swimming pools reopened last week. Exactly at the right time for me…

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a coach or a qualified professional trainer by any means, so I’m not trying to tell you what to do and how to train, I’m simply just sharing my thoughts and experience with you guys and I learn a lot in the meantime while doing research and experiment on myself…

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