Fast Growth in 1 Year and 5 Months…’Viper’ Kim Sung-woong Becomes Black Combat Flyweight Champion

“Viper” Kim Sung-woong, 27, has been crowned Black Combat flyweight champion, one year and five months after his professional debut.

Kim wrapped the championship belt around his waist after defeating “Pirate King” Lee Kang Nam, 35, by a 3-0 decision in extra rounds at “Black Combat 9: Old Boys” at the Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon on Nov. 18.

He became the second flyweight champion after the first champion, Lee “Bad Guy” Jun-young, who surrendered his belt after a car accident.

Kim made his debut in Black Combat in June of last year and rose through the ranks to become the organization’s champion. In one year and five months, he fought nine matches and won five and lost four.

He gained experience at lightning speed. I had a three-fight winning streak and a title fight. He failed the weigh-ins and was criticized by fans for not making weight, but won a huge upset. They even played an away match in Japan.

And on this day, he got his first revenge. He fought a strategic point fight against Lee Kang-nam, who handed him his first knockout loss six months earlier, and won a decision.

Kim was wary of Lee’s punching power, and his strategy was to keep his distance. He switched stances from side to side, circled, and used side kicks, low kicks, and jabs to score metallurgical points. He learned his lesson from the first round loss and never got carried away and risked a brawl.

Black Combat has a special rule that allows fighters to go to an extra round in consultation with the referee and other officials if it is difficult to determine the winner after three rounds.

In the extra round, Kim Sung-woong was outclassed by Lee Kang-nam in the final round. He landed a takedown, unleashed a barrage of elbows from top position and applied a rear-naked choke. He couldn’t get the finish, but it was enough to win a unanimous decision.레모나토토

Kim is now looking forward to his next revenge fight. He hasn’t forgotten about his loss to Takahiro Komakine via armbar at DEEP last September. “I will prepare for the next revenge fight. I want to fight Komakine,” he exclaimed.

Lee, who fought for the Black Combat bantamweight title in October last year but failed to reach the top, was disappointed not to win his second title fight. However, he admitted defeat, saying, “Kim Sung-woong’s strategy was too good.”

Black Combat has held its last numbered event of the year, and will now prepare for Black Combat 10 on January 20 next year.

“I dreamed of filling this gym, but I guess not today,” Park “Black” Pyeong-pyeong said. I won’t give up. I’m going to fill 9,000 seats at Korea University Gymnasium on January 20th. If I can’t fill it with the ‘Moai’ and ‘Jiu-Jitsu’ main events, I will return.”

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