Daejeon’s “Suwon relegation” call humiliated Big Bird into silence… When will Suwon fans be able to smile?

Suwon Samsung failed to get out of last place this time.

Suwon drew 2-2 in the 35th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Daejeon Hana Citizen held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 29th.

Suwon, which added 1 point, remained in last place with 26 points. They are 1 point behind 11th place Gangwon FC (27 points). Based on the current rankings, Suwon suffers direct relegation.

Although we gained 1 point through a draw, it was a game that was no different from defeat. Suwon took an early two-goal lead through consecutive goals by Kim Joo-chan in the 20th minute and Acosti in the 29th minute. He had hopes for victory by scoring two goals in one game for the first time in 11 games since last July. If they won this game, they could beat Gangwon and rise to 11th place, so the atmosphere in the stadium was hotter than ever.

That was it. Suwon collapsed at the end of the second half. Daejeon had already achieved its goal of remaining in the team and was low on motivation, but they attacked fiercely as if they could not afford to lose to last place. In the end, Suwon lost the victory by allowing consecutive goals to Thiago in the 35th minute of the second half and Massa in the 4th minute of extra time.

The 10,000 spectators who filled Big Bird fell silent. Instead, the Daejeon supporters who filled the away stands excitedly shouted slogans such as “Suwon is relegated” and “For Suwon, there is only relegation.” The two teams have been enemies since the past. Daejeon, which achieved promotion after switching to a corporate club, met Suwon four times this season and overwhelmed them with 3 wins and 1 draw. The cries of the Daejeon supporters directly led to the humiliation of the Suwon fans.

Suwon has a reputation as the team with the most loyal and passionate supporters in the K-League. This season, although it remained at the bottom all year long, it maintained an average attendance of over 11,000. A large crowd of 11,658 spectators also attended this game and cheered for Suwon. Rather than turning a blind eye to the team’s poor performance, they are actually going to the stadium to lend a helping hand.

Before the game, Acting Suwon Manager Yeom Gi-hoon told a story about meeting a supporter recently. Suwon supporters are wearing black clothes to protest the club’s hasty administration and the team’s extremely poor performance.온라인카지노

Acting Director Yeom said, “I only thought about the players. I fully understand why you say that. But the players are affected. He wanted to do something that could empower his players. I also clearly recognize that there are areas where the club needs to change and that the fans want it. But I don’t think that’s a priority at this point. Surviving comes first. “I met the fans because I want the players to receive strength,” he said.

As per Manager Yeom’s wishes, Suwon supporters filled the cheering stands wearing blue uniforms symbolizing the team. Banners protesting against the club were still hung here and there, but passionate cheering from the beginning to the end of the game energized the players.

However, Suwon once again failed to show its strength despite the support of the K-League’s highest level supporters. Rather, I had to swallow the bitterness of hearing ridicule from the visiting team. Will Suwon fans be able to smile this year?

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