Class is forever… Ronaldo, all attack points are masterpieces

Ronaldo and Messi’s prime is said to have passed, but when you look at goals like these, it seems like their class is eternal. The record of two goals and one assist was dazzling, but all attack points were beautiful.

This is reporter Onnuri.


[Al-Nasr 4:3 Al-Duhail/AFC Champions League]

The assist scene was unusual.

The first goal scored in the first half drew more attention to Ronaldo’s sensational heel pass than to the moment of scoring.

10 minutes into the second half, Ronaldo missed a chance to score and instead looked forward to Mane scoring, but five minutes later, he delighted the fans with a fantastic goal.

The goalkeeper couldn’t block the shot that came in from the right and was curled with his left foot, even if he threw his body away.

I thought I had already created the best scene, but the goals scored one after another were dazzling enough to make me look back on Ronaldo’s prime days.

When his opponent, Al Duhail, trailed by one goal, he hit the net with an amazing volley, leading the team to a 4-3 victory.온라인카지노

Football statistics media gave Ronaldo a rating of 9.3 points for two goals and one assist, which stood out in terms of record, but he made every attacking point moment into a ‘masterful scene’.

Moving to Saudi Arabia… Although he has faced criticism that he has gone out of his way, Ronaldo is showing off his age by scoring 43 goals for the Portugal national team and his club Al Nasr this year.

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