Jongbeom Lee was for international use… KIA’s second Lee Jong-beom Premier 12, WBC, Premier 12, Paris Olympics ‘fun test bed’

 Lee Jong-beom was for international use.

LG Twins coach Lee Jong-beom has shown off his talent several times in past international competitions. The most vivid scene for people is the moment when he hit a decisive 2-RBI double in the top of the 8th inning with one out and runners on second and third base in the second round of the 2006 World Baseball Classic against Japan, tied 0-0.

In fact, coach Lee Jong-beom had a great batting average at 0.400 in the 2006 WBC. In addition, Lee Jong-beom showed his presence at major competitions such as the Korea-Japan Super Game in the 1990s, and was said to be the ‘son of the wind.’ He proved that his skills were international even at the time.

So what will the first adult international stage of KIA Tigers infielder Kim Do-young (20), who is currently called the next Lee Jong-beom in the KBO League, look like? Kim Do-young was included in the final list of the Asian Professional Baseball Championship announced by KBO on the 24th.

Kim Do-young suffered a metatarsal injury and surgery early this season and was rehabilitated until mid-June. As the KBO virtually finished selecting the national team during this period, it was unable to establish a relationship with the Hangzhou Asian Games. However, it is true that after the final entry for the national team was confirmed, some players were injured or performed poorly, and some voices were heard on the field expressing regret that Kim Do-young could not be selected.

Kim Do-young has established himself as KIA’s starting third baseman and key hitter this season. His potential blossomed just two years after his debut. The power and speed are incredible. His passion and effort for baseball stand out along with his natural athletic ability. He is evaluated as a talent who will lead Korean baseball beyond KIA.

That’s why this APBC is attracting attention. Although it is a competition in which Asian players in their early 20s participate, it is difficult to say that they are the best national team. However, for Kim Do-young, it is a good opportunity to directly compare his skills with representative Asian players of his age. Through this competition, new motivation can arise and it can be an opportunity for reflection or confidence. In a word, it is a stage of pleasant ‘stimulation’.

Korean baseball will have to endure international competitions even after this tournament. Starting with the Premier 12 after the 2024 season, there will be the 2026 WBC, Nagoya-Aichi Asian Games, and the 2028 LA Olympics. There is absolutely no guarantee that Doyoung Kim will participate in all of these competitions. However, for Kim Do-young, even just one game is precious. If he can play, it would be good to gain experience and broaden his baseball spectrum. This is especially true if you are thinking about a bigger stage.메이저놀이터

Domestic baseball fans just have to enjoy watching Kim Do-young’s debut performance in an adult international competition. Another opportunity opened up in Kim Do-young’s baseball career.

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