NC focuses on ‘potential’, not grades…has a bunch of pitchers to carry the load

The NC Dinos have selected 11 rookies to help shape their future.

The Dinos selected eight pitchers, one catcher, two infielders, and one outfielder in the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft on Thursday at the Westin Chosun Hotel Grand Ballroom in Sogong, Seoul, starting with first-round pick Kim Hwi-geon. After the draft, head coach Lim Sun-nam was pleased with the outcome of the draft, saying, “This year’s draft, like last year’s and the year before, we tried to select the best players left in the order in which we drafted.”

NC looked to the future rather than the present when selecting players. The focus was on developmental potential. Position-specific depth was not a consideration. “We wanted to prioritize the potential of the players rather than their current skills,” said Lim. “In fact, we didn’t pull players or arrange positions just because we needed them right now, but we stuck to our principles. We didn’t deviate too far from our expectations, and we’re pretty happy with the results.” “Congratulations and welcome to the NC Dinos family,” he said to the athletes.

NC’s first pick was pitcher Kim Hwi-gun, who throws a fastball in excess of 150 kilometers. At 191 centimeters tall and 105 kilograms in weight, Kim has a strong physique and is said to have the ability to pitch in the professional game.

Min Dong-geun, head of scouting, said, “Kim is an exceptional starting pitcher with excellent physicality and explosive delivery. We were convinced that he is a special fastball starter that fits the recent trend of the KBO league, and we decided to nominate him by noting that he has the highest peak potential,” he said.

Manager Lim Sun-nam also said, “He is a special starting pitcher with excellent physical condition, athleticism, and an explosive delivery. I think he has unlimited potential. I didn’t hesitate to nominate him because I was confident that he could turn that potential into reality through the club’s development system. I think that in the near future, we will be able to see him standing on the mound of Changwon NC Park and throwing, and the club will do its best to make that day come sooner rather than later,” he said, promising to provide unreserved support to help him succeed in the pros.

Kim said, “I’m happy that the club nominated me. I want to be a player who does his best for the team, and I will make sure that when people think of the NC Dinos in the future, my name will appear. I want to be a player who helps the team win the Korean Series,” he said.

“My biggest strength is my fastball, which I utilize with great physicality on the mound. I also feel like I have a good feel for my changeup and throw a variety of pitches on the mound. My role models are all the seniors at NC. I can’t wait to join the team and absorb their strengths while living with them.” “I was born in Changwon and started playing baseball in Changwon when I was 7 years old. I will support my right arm for my hometown team. I will become a player who can represent NC in the future and give pride to NC fans.”

Speaking about the second-round pick, Team Manager Min Dong-geun said, “He is an all-weather resource with excellent durability and completeness. He knows how to run a stable game without ups and downs and has a variety of changeup pitches. I nominated him with the expectation that he will become a powerful resource in the near future.”

For Kim Min-kyun in the third round, team manager Min Dong-geun said, “Our left-handed pitching depth was weak this year. We saw Kim Min-gyun’s excellent physical condition and flexibility. We believe that he has the potential to grow into a left-handed starting pitcher in the team through the future development system, and we hope that he will grow into a main starting pitcher in the future.”메이저놀이터

“I am honored to join the prestigious NC and want to be the player the team needs. I aim to become a pitcher who plays in the first team through the team’s systematic training and games,” said Clinical Hyun.

Kim Min-gyun said, “I was surprised to be selected earlier than I thought. I am very grateful to the club for selecting me in such a high order. My goal is to build my body for two to three years and become a starting pitcher who can help the team in four years. Koo Chang-mo, a fellow left-handed pitcher, is my role model. I also have a fast arm swing, so I’ve been watching a lot of videos of him pitching and studying a lot. I hope the fans will give me a lot of support,” he said.

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