KIA’s Park Chan-ho suffers finger ligament damage after ‘head-first slide’…ruled out for now

Kia infielder Park Chan-ho (28) suffered an unexpected injury after being overly motivated.

KIA head coach Kim Jong-kook revealed the news of Park Chan-ho’s injury before the game against Lotte at Gwangju Stadium on the 13th.

“There is some damage, but it’s not enough for me to operate on it, so he can play as a pinch-hitter and catcher,” Jong-guk explained.

The day before, Park Chan-ho was starting at first base for Daegu Samsung Electronics and injured his left hand while making a head-first slide in the fifth inning. He underwent a medical examination and was diagnosed with ligament damage to his left fourth finger.

Kim took solace in the fact that “there is no one better than Park Chan-ho in the outfield or on the bases.”메이저놀이터

However, he won’t be able to play for a while. “I think he’ll be out for about three weeks,” Kim said, “so we’ll have to rest him and do some tests to check.”

With Park Chan-ho out of the starting lineup, Kim Do-young has taken over the leadoff role.

“It’s the same for any coach, but you don’t have to play first slide,” Kim said. “Sometimes you do it because you’re in a hurry, and sometimes you don’t realize it. I’ve seen a lot of big injuries, so even in the major leagues, I’m telling them not to do head-first sliding to first base if they can help it.”

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