“I want them to be the best at what they do,” says Pedi, a blue-eyed, first-strike instructor

Foreign pitcher Eric Peddie (30-NC Dinos) has become a “one-hit instructor” in the KBO.

According to NC, Peddie met with right-handed pitcher Moon Dong-ju (20-Hanwha Eagles) off the field last month. The reason he took the time to sit down with the rookie pitcher from another team was because of a “player request. An NC team official said, “Moon Dong-ju told a Hanwha foreign scout that he wanted to meet Pedi (while traveling to Changwon). The Hanwha foreign scout is familiar with Pedi’s agent, so the meeting was organized.” Pedi’s agent is Lee Jung-moon, General Manager of Boras Corporation Korea, who has also worked as an interpreter for NC in the past.

Peddie’s meeting with Moon is sure to generate some buzz. Moon is a second-year professional with rookie status. On April 12, he hit a 160.1 km/h fastball into the catcher’s mitt against the Gwangju Kia Tigers. It was the first time a Korean pitcher had topped 160 km/h since 2011, when baseball statistics company Sports2i introduced the Pitch Tracking System (PTS). He was also named to the Korean baseball team for the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG).

Pedi is the top pitcher in the KBO, where he is chasing the Triple Crown this season. He readily accepted Moon’s request to meet with him, and even asked the club for a waiver to avoid any misunderstandings. It is said that they exchanged various stories related to baseball. He actively explained what he wanted to know and helped him understand.

Pedi played in the Major League Baseball (MLB) until last season. In his six-year MLB career, he has a 21-33 record with a 5.41 ERA. Since 2021, he has been in the starting rotation for two consecutive years, pitching over 120 innings. Last year, he went 6-13 with a 5.81 ERA. While his career might seem like a high bar, Pedi is a different story. He’s not afraid to share his tricks. Even his old grip, which can be sensitive.메이저놀이터

The Sweeper, a type of modified slider, is one of them. Shohei Ohtani’s (Los Angeles Angels) main weapon, the sweeper is still new to the KBO. Several players have asked to see Pedi’s sweeper grip, and he’s been kind enough to show them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a player from another team. A club official said, “I checked to see if there were any issues with power exposure in the field, but the coach (Kang In-hwon NC) said it was fine if the players didn’t mind. If an MLB player explains the sweeper in detail, which is not common in Korea, I think it will be good for amateur players.”

“I’m sharing (know-how) with the hope that each of us will be the best in our respective positions while playing baseball,” said Pedi. “If the things I talked about come out to Moon Dong-ju, the league will grow and baseball will become more interesting.”

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