No outs…3 hits through the 6th inning…4 hits and 5 runs in the 7th inning…197 career wins in the U.S. Tanaka ERA 4.82 ‘last place’

After a scoreless sixth inning, he collapsed in the seventh.

Rakuten Eagles right-hander Masahiro Tanaka (35), who is chasing his 200th career win in Japan, failed to add another victory for the second straight game. He gave up five runs on seven hits in six innings against the SoftBank Hawks in Fukuoka on Sept. 9 and suffered his ninth loss of the season.

Tanaka has been strong against SoftBank this season. On Aug. 26, he pitched seven innings of one-run ball against SoftBank to pick up his seventh win. He had won three of his last four games before that one.

He continued this good form until the sixth inning. He was able to take advantage of SoftBank’s lineup, which had the second-best team batting average in the Pacific League.

They retired the first and second batters in order to get off to a clean start. In the bottom of the first, he struck out Ukio Shuto, Masaki Mimori, and Yuki Yanakita on grounders to second base. The first inning ended with 12 pitches.

In the bottom of the second, he got Gensuke Gond, Akira Nakamura, and Genta Imamiya to ground out to first, fly out to center, and ground out to third, respectively.

In the bottom of the third, he struck out Tatsuru Yanagimachi (7-8) and Tomoya Inoue (8) in succession. After giving up a leadoff single to Takuya Kai in the ninth, he struck out Shuto in the first on a hustle.

In the bottom of the first inning, he retired the first eight batters in a row, and got all three outs on swinging strikes.

After a scoreless fourth, fifth and sixth, Tanaka couldn’t get over the hump in the top of the seventh inning with a 2-0 lead.

SoftBank’s powerful center field came through. The leadoff hitter, No. 3 Yanagita, doubled to left field and No. 4 Gondo doubled to center field. Yanagita and Gondo are batting second and third in the Pacific League.

Nakamura, #5, then singled to center, scoring Musa. Imamiya, #6, doubled to left field to load the bases. Tied 2-2.

Musa walked to load the bases. Yanagimachi #7 singled through the left side to put the game out of reach. The Rakuten bench couldn’t take it anymore.온라인카지노

It was a nightmare seventh inning. After a three-hit shutout in the sixth inning, he couldn’t get a single out in the seventh and gave up five runs on four hits, including three doubles. Rakuten lost 2-7.

His ERA jumped from 4.69 to 4.82. It ranks last in the Pacific League in that category. Tanaka was the only one of the 11 pitchers to reach the four-run mark.

Tanaka has 119 wins with Rakuten and 78 with the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball. He has 197 career wins.

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