Incheon game canceled shortly before kickoff after ‘water kept coming up from the soil’

It was the effect of the rain from the previous day. They tried to force the game, but in the end, it was canceled.

The game between the NC Dinos and SSG Landers, scheduled to take place at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 22nd, was canceled due to ground conditions. It had been raining heavily since the night before, and rain was forecast for the next 24 days, mainly in the Seoul metropolitan area. Despite the large tarpaulin on the field, it continued to rain heavily into the afternoon, causing a large amount of rainwater to pool on the infield.

The home team’s officials were on the field early. They worked feverishly to remove the water and get the field in the best possible condition. However, they were unable to meet the scheduled kickoff time, which was initially expected to be 20-30 minutes late. Spectators had begun to arrive.

But then something happened. The dirt covered the entire infield, and despite all the equipment being used to remove the water, it continued to rise. LANDERSFIELD had undergone a complete renovation of the field prior to the season, so the drainage was excellent. However, due to the amount of rain that had already accumulated, the water was still coming up. Puddles can be deadly, leading to injuries to players.

The home team officials and match supervisor Kim Si-jin checked the conditions several times. It was clear that they were determined to play the game no matter what. Too many canceled matches would put pressure on the rest of the schedule.메이저놀이터

Nevertheless, it was difficult to carry on as normal. Even with repairs, it would take too much time, and with more rain in the forecast, the wait would be for naught. In the end, the decision was made to cancel. The match will be rescheduled for a later date.

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