Coach Tiger finds his old student, Lee Bum-ho-Jin Gap-yong Coach Kim Tae-jin, whose smallest gesture made a big difference

Even the most fiercely contested grounds are transformed into a meeting place before the game.

When Kiwoom’s Kim Tae-jin arrived in Gwangju and spotted Mr. Tiger still on the field, he rushed over. Kim Tae-jin, who joined Kiwoom from KIA in a trade last season, rushed onto the field as soon as his luggage was unpacked.

Kim Tae-jin turned 90 degrees to Coach Lee Bum-ho and Chief Executive Officer Jin Gap-yong, who were still on the field coaching the players. Kim Tae-jin’s expression was that of a child as he was embraced by Mr. Hwang.

Kim Tae-jin, who played three seasons for KIA, hugged Coach Lee Bum-ho after a long time. After chatting happily for a while, Kim sought out head coach Jin Gap-yong, who was teaching batting practice.

He was happy to see his former student and gave him a lot of baseball advice. Even when it was time to leave for training, Kim couldn’t leave his seat easily.메이저놀이터

Despite their different uniforms, Kim Tae-jin and Jin Gap-yong’s gag code seemed to work. Even when Jin made a lighthearted joke, Kim Tae-jin would burst out laughing.

Kim Tae-jin, who visits Mr. Tiger first whenever he comes to Gwangju, had a good time before training.

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