Suwon FC won’t let ‘drunk driving’ Lars go… “Unconditional contract termination like other clubs won’t help”

Suwon FC has delayed terminating the contract of foreign striker Ras after he was caught driving under the influence. The club will wait to see what happens and decide when to part ways.

“As a result of this unforgivable offense committed by a foreign player, we have excluded him from training and playing immediately, and we will hold a club management committee meeting to decide once again after the outcome of the federation’s punishment committee on the 10th, as we are of the opinion that unconditional termination of contracts, such as the recent cases of other clubs, is not helpful in preventing future recurrences,” Suwon FC announced through its official channel on the 8th.

Lars was caught driving under the influence on July 7. His blood alcohol level was over 0.08%, which is the legal limit for license revocation. Suwon FC had no choice but to part ways with Ras immediately. There are precedents to follow, such as Kunimoto (Japan) and Jonatan Moya (Costa Rica), who were recently banned from the K League for drunk driving.

However, it seems that the club decided that this should not be an ‘opportunity’ for the player. Previously, Kunimoto moved to Casa Pia (Portugal) after terminating his contract with Jeonbuk to challenge for a spot in Europe’s top flight. Jonathan, who left Anyang in April, also joined the Indian Super League last month.

Knowing the previous cases, Suwon FC will initially exclude Ras from training and will not allow him to play in matches. They plan to reevaluate after the outcome of the KFA’s punishment committee.

The following is the Suwon FC statement.

[Information on the club’s actions in response to a foreign player’s drunk driving arrest].

Suwon FC held an urgent meeting of the club’s management committee in response to Lars (Lars Veltvik)’s drunk driving arrest in the early hours of Monday (July 7).

In this meeting, the club recognized the gravity of the situation and held a lengthy discussion on the issue, which has raised alarms about player drunk driving that has not been eradicated in the K League and has been socially condemned despite the club’s continuous player education.

In response to the unforgivable offense committed by a foreign player who plays a pivotal role in the team’s recent turnaround from the relegation zone, the club has immediately suspended the player from training and games, and will once again hold a meeting of the club’s player management committee to make a final decision after the outcome of the federation’s punishment committee on Thursday, August 10, as it is believed that unconditional termination of the player’s contract, like the recent cases of other clubs, will not help prevent future recurrences.온라인바카라

We have made this decision based on the fact that all professional soccer players in the K League are public figures, and driving under the influence of alcohol for any reason is an unacceptable criminal offense, and we apologize once again for the distress this incident has caused to the fans who love Suwon FC and all those involved in soccer.

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