“P2E game investment is still insufficient,” says Perplay CEO Kim Chan-jun

Perplay CEO Kim Chan-jun emphasized the need for aggressive investment in P2E games to transition to the Web 3.0 era.
At the ‘Web 3.0 and National Industrial Digital Competitiveness Innovation Policy Seminar’ held at Sogang University’s Kim Daegeon Hall on the 31st, Perplay CEO Kim Chan-jun delivered a lecture on ‘Current Status and Future Strategy of Web 3.0 Game Industry’.

“Although the P2E game market is experiencing explosive growth, it is too small compared to the mobile market,” he said. “Due to its small size, game companies are not actively making large-scale investments,” he added.

Analyzing the structure of the WEMIX and MBX platforms, which are representative platforms for blockchain in Korea, he explained that P2E games account for a small share of the overall market size. WeMade, which operates the WEMIX platform, is investing in game companies by supporting development costs, but since it is not a large-scale investment, it is difficult for good games to come out.

He also pointed out that games with Web 3.0 methods, such as the ‘Legend of Mir’ series and ‘Zealot Online’ released on Weemix, as well as ‘Aki World’ and ‘Buddy Shot’ released on Kakao Games’ Bora, are games that utilize old IPs, so games with less risk of failure are being developed instead of fun games.

“In order not to bear the burden of failure, game companies are only releasing games made by recycling existing IPs,” said Kim. “Since interesting games through new attempts are not being released, a negative perception is being created that Web 3.0 games are inconvenient and not fun.” 메이저놀이터

He also pointed out that the games that are being released are operating in a Web 2.0 manner. The core of Web 3.0 is that it is open to everyone, and the consumption structure that makes it possible to play only within the game company’s operation is hindering its development, he explained.

Finally, Mr. Kim concluded by saying, “To succeed in Web 3.0, you need to create a service that adds a fun element to it, rather than just approaching it as a technology,” and predicted that “the development of Web 3.0 in the gaming field will be the fastest because game users are quick to accept technological advances.”

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