‘Last piece of the LG championship puzzle’ trade pitcher was under 100x pressure…”I pitched like it was 0-0, not 10-0″

Won Tae Choi throws a perfect ceremony for his new team.

LG’s Won-tae Choi pitched a perfect game in his first start since being traded. Choi Won-tae started against Doosan at Jamsil Stadium on Tuesday and threw six innings of two-hit ball, striking out five and walking none to earn the win. LG won 10-0.

On the 29th, Choi was traded from Kiwoom to LG, and his debut was moved up after Plutko, who was originally scheduled to start that day, was unable to pitch due to a cold.

Choi hasn’t pitched well for Doosan this season, going 2-2 with a 5.09 ERA in three games. He has lost five straight games against Doosan since October 26, 2021, against Jamsil Doosan in Kiwoom. His last win against Doosan was on July 30, 2020, against Jamsil Doosan. As soon as he put on the LG uniform, he got revenge on Doosan.

Perfect from the first to the fourth inning. His perfect game was broken in the fifth inning when he was hit by Kang Seung-ho. In the top of the sixth inning, he was hit by Kim Tae-geun with a double down the left field line, but he struck out Jung Soo-bin and Heo Kyung-min to keep the game scoreless.

During the postgame interview, Soo-hoon celebrated by baptizing his teammates with water. “I’m grateful to the seniors and juniors for taking care of me after the trade,” Choi said. The following is a one-on-one interview.

-How was your LG debut?

Yesterday, the coach told me that I could give three or four points, so I thought I should give three or four points. When I was in a bad count, I just threw strikes while thinking about that, and I think it paid off.

-I heard you weren’t feeling well when you pitched out of the bullpen.

It’s almost always bad when I’m uncomfortable, but I think it was worse today. I was just too nervous.

-The defense did a good job of handling the tricky pitches from the first inning.

The first batter is actually the most nervous because it’s a fastball, but I’m grateful for Bo Kyung-i’s help, and I’m grateful that we had so much rain today. I got a lot of lucky breaks (thanks to the beasts). I came here after being traded, so I’m grateful that they helped me adjust well.

-He Do-hwan and Breath

When I was a rookie, I played one game of battery for the second team. He didn’t remember. He told me to throw freely today. I really threw freely, and when it was important, I followed Do-hwan’s sign.

-I was perfect until the fifth inning.

Even though the score was high, I was still nervous. Even though it was 10-0, I thought it was 0-0 and threw hard. The first pitch is important. I think I was a little more relaxed today because we won yesterday and got the winning run.

-LG fans cheered me on in the sixth inning, calling out my name in the postgame interview.

I hope I can continue to do well, but I’m a little worried.

-The coach has high expectations. He said that 6-7 wins in the second half is possible.

It’s a lot of pressure, a lot of nerves. I’ll try to stick to my routine and throw as hard as I can.

-On being traded to win the Korean Series. How he’s looking forward to the fall

I hope I can help them finish the regular season at No. 1. I think it’s important to finish the season at No. 1. 먹튀검증

-What didn’t go well today.

My first-pitch strike rate was low. In the first inning, I had three batters in a row with first-pitch strikes.

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