Apple Airpods Pro Review – Is It (Still) A Good Option?

I know the Apple Airpods Pro is not exactly new and I’ve been ignoring it for while for no particular reason but I heard mostly good things about it’s active noise cancelling and a few of you have asked me about it in the comments too. And since I happen to be working on a big noise cancelling earbud shootout video, it was about time I gave a chance to the Airpods Pro and see it for myself if it lives up to it’s good reputation and wether it has its place among the best active noise cancelling true wireless earbuds or not…

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0:00 Intro
0:34 Design & Fit
1:14 Charging & Battery
1:54 Connection & Phone Calls
3:01 Active Noise Cancelling
3:27 Controls
5:21 Sound Quality
6:55 Conclusion
8:00 Outro

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